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Shoes are a necessary accessory to everyone regardless if it is for work, for your job, for school or to look good and fashionable when you are out in public. As MinzoIndia we are passionate about shoes and understand how important they are, this is why we have made it our mission to make high-quality shoes affordable for everyone. We help hundreds of businesses buy shoes at discounted wholesale prices thanks to our years of experience and perfection that has allowed us to manufacture high-quality shoes quickly at low production costs that in-turn increase your profit margins.

About MinzoIndia
MinzoIndia is a leading B2B online footwear marketplace and under the leadership of our founder, we have acquired a reputation of being quality manufacturers and trustworthy footwear wholesalers that offer the best prices on the market. This has helped us grow into one of India's largest manufacturers and wholesalers of quality shoes.

Business 2 Business Wholesale
Business 2 Business Wholesale otherwise known as B2B Wholesale is MinzoIndia's main business interest.

At MinzoIndia we have an array of different footwear brands that are manufactured and sold wholesale at low-cost prices that are ideal for your business.

Brands Available With MinzoIndia
- JK Port (Casual Trainer & Formal Shoe Brand)
- JK Steel (Industrial Safety Shoe Brand)
- Kuzey London (Formal Shoes)
- Engage (Exclusive High-End Footwear Brand)
- Bontaff (Casual & Women's Footwear Brand)
- Trilokani (Women's Footwear Brand)
- Fashion 24 Shoes (Formal & High-End Footwear Brand)
- Gibelle (Womens Flats & Sandals)
- Cobbler (Men's Formal, Loafers & Sandals)
- Pokrok (Mens Women PU Sandals, Slippers, & Bellies)
- WildStreet (Stylish Womens Flats & Sandals)
- Imcolus (Men's Sports, Formal, Casual Shoes & More)
- Dinobirds (Cheap Sports & Casual Shoes With High Quality)
- HunterBros (Best In Uniform & School Shoes For Boys & Girls)
- SingingBirds (Men's High Quality Sports & Casual Shoes)
- Foot Trends (Exclusive Casual shoes, Men"s Sports Shoes, Flip Flops & More)
- Blue Pop ( Exclusive Casual shoes, Men"s Sports Shoes, Flip Flops & More )
- Cristo ( Men's Eva Sandals )
- Lo Paposh ( Exclusive Casual shoes, Men"s Sports Shoes, Loafers & More )

MinzoIndia is always looking to create new business relationships with new or established businesses; our goal is always to provide our clients with excellent value for money and quality they come to expect.

Types of Shoes Available at MinzoIndia
MinzoIndia aims to be the best shoe manufacturers and footwear wholesalers; we sell a wide variety of shoes for men, women, and kids for all occasions and needs.

Industrial Safety Shoes
Industrial Safety Shoes are one of MinzoIndia's area of expertise, they come in different design such as the standard Industrial Safety Shoes that are created for building and industrial sites, but we also offer sporty options and a more formal looking design for occasions that require it and finally the casual looking one that is extremely versatile for all environments. MinzoIndia prides itself on providing some of the most affordable Industrial Safety Shoes in India.

Safety Equipment
Apart from providing protective industrial shoes, MinzoIndia also provides safety equipment such as Safety Helmets and Safety Vest Reflective Jackets in bulk at very low prices per item. The company is the main provider of Safety Equipments.

Sports Shoes
MinzoIndia also manufactures and wholesales a wide variety of comfortable and trendy sports shoes that are great for playing sport but also can be worn as casual shoes. The Sports Shoe collection available at MinzoIndia are perfect for any kind of sport you or your child may enjoy such as Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Badminton, Field Hockey and Tennis to name a few.

Casual Shoes
We provide casual shoes, canvas, darby, lace up, loafers, slip on, sneaker for men, women, boys, girls and kids in wholesale at very low cost Casual Shoes are a modern footwear staple and MinzoIndia has every kind of casual footwear you may want at very affordable prices while also not neglecting quality. Casual Shoes available wholesale from us includes 
Canvas shoes with laces or straps that, Loafers are also available which are again another versatile type of shoe that can add character to your casual look but can also be worn at more formal events and finally the Sneakers which are arguably the most recognizable type of casual footwear. Multiple colors, patterns and even designs for the shoe soles are available at MinzoIndia.

Formal Shoes
Bring latest branded collection of formals shoes for mens womens and kids. MinzoIndia is the largest and most faithful online footwear store. Formal Shoes are a must in this day and age, you never know when you will need to go to a job interview, a wedding or need them as part of your school uniform. Formal Shoes also go great with more casual looks combined with jeans and a t-shirt. Our formal come in all designs, colors, shades, and materials to fit your needs. MinzoIndia manufacturers and wholesales quality formal shoes at amazing prices for your business.

Women's Shoes
All of the sports, casual, formal and industrial safety shoes can be worn by women but we also have a line made specifically for women that offers footwear exclusively for women at MinzoIndia. It includes a wide variety of slippers and sandals that are perfect for indoors and outdoors, as well as shoes, bellies, and boots.

Kid's Footwear
Last but not least we have the Kid's Footwear, while children are growing up they go through a lot of footwear which can put a strain on many parent's finances. This is why it is MinzoIndia's mission to manufacture affordable Kid's Footwear without cutting back on the quality of the shoes. The Kid's Footwear collection at MinzoIndia ranges from trainers, boots, casual shoes, boots that are great for casual use and also for the outdoors, and formal shoes that are available for both boys and girls.

MinzoIndia's Promises To B2B Buyers 
MinzoIndia holds its B2B buyers and consumers at a very high standard and these are the promises that we always work tirelessly towards.

- Always uphold the high quality and innovation of all the different categories and brands of shoes that we manufacture and wholesale to our B2B partners.
- Maintain a low price that ensures a mutually beneficial relationship for both us and also the companies we sell wholesale footwear to.
- Do everything we can to offer great customer service to anyone that is working with us or for us. We believe that treating people with respect and dignity is much more beneficial in the long run as it helps create fruitful long term relationships.
- Aim to always do better in whatever we do including the quality of our footwear, the quality of our footwear, our customer service with wholesale buyers and our innovation in the footwear industry.

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